+1(888)-303-0478 American Airlines flight change policy

December 01, 2021


+1(888)-303-0478 American Airlines Flight Change Policy +1(888)-303-0478


+1(888)-303-0478 American Airlines Change Policy +1(888)-303-0478

+1(888)-303-0478 American Airlines Change Policy

+1(888)-303-0478 American Airlines Change Fee

+1(888)-303-0478 American Airlines Change Number

+1(888)-303-0478 American Airlines Change


What is American Airlines Change policy?

• American Change can be requested within 24 hours to claim a 100% refund of the ticket value, as the departure date is required to be at least 7 days prior to departure.

• Beyond 24 hours, passengers are required to pay a American airline Change fee of $ 200 USD.

• American's flight ticket Change policy would apply to the restricted and unrestricted fare rules of the purchased reservation.

American's 24-hour Change policy

Our travel plans often change without prior notice. Via the online interface, American passenger flight reservations can be canceled and refunded online within 24 hours of purchase:

• Beyond 24 hours, American's free Change would not apply and refunds for the purchased ticket depend on the type of ticket purchased.

• Passengers who cancel within 24 hours will be eligible for 100% only if the departure date must be at least 7 days or more from the Change date.

American Change fee

American charges a Change fee of $ 200 on all rate types and the class of services booked, per American's Change Policy

• All refundable fares would be eligible for American flight Change refund where, after dedication of the American Change fee, the remainder of the fare value would be credited back to the original payment method.


How to cancel a American flight?

Through online and offline methods, American Change can be requested without any hassle. Let's understand each of them
Cancel a flight ticket online - Here are the following steps to help you with American Changes online:
• Visit the American home page and click "Manage Booking" to log in with your booking credential.
Compensation for canceled American flights in case of delayed flights.
Here is an overview of American canceling flight compensation in case of delayed flights:
American flight delay occurs when the scheduled departure time is delayed by at least:
• four hours if the distance between point A and B is more than 3,500 km, American's flight compensation for Change is $ 725 USD
• three hours in the case of a flight between 1500 and 3500 km from point A and B, American's compensation for canceling the flight is $ 500 USD
American ticket Change refund policy
• According to American's Change policy, the flight Change refund would apply to the unused portion of the ticket.
• In accordance with American's Change refund policy, the refund would be made to the passenger named on the ticket or to the person who paid for the reservation.


How do I know if my American flight is canceled?

To check the status of your flight, click on the "My reservation" section and log in with your reservation reference and the passenger's last name. Any reservation that is canceled will be displayed.
Does American have a 24-hour Change policy?
Yes. The airline has a risk-free policy (24-hour Change policy). Through American's 24-hour Change policy, the airline allows passengers to cancel their flights for free. If you cancel within the risk-free period, no Change fee will be charged.


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