+1(844)512-2050 Lufthansa Airlines flight change policy

December 01, 2021


+1(844)512-2050 Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy +1(844)512-2050

+1(844)512-2050 Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy +1(844)512-2050

+1(844)512-2050 Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy

+1(844)512-2050 Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Number

+1(844)512-2050 Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change 

+1(844)512-2050 Lufthansa Airlines 24 hours Flight Change Policy

+1(844)512-2050 Lufthansa Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy 

What is Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy?

The Lufthansa flight change policy facilitates the process of flight change and it describes all the important points which a passenger should keep in mind for changing flights.

Lufthansa Change Flight:

Need guidance regarding Lufthansa change flight? No worries, you get two options for making changes and amendments in your flight booking with Lufthansa Airlines. The first option is through online mode which means raising a request for changes and amendments on the official website or mobile app of the Lufthansa airlines. The second option is the offline mode of changes and amendments request.

How to change a Flight on Lufthansa?

As discussed above, Lufthansa Airlines provides its passengers with two options for changing flights with them. Read below and you will get all the answers for the question of “how to change a flight on Lufthansa?”. Both online and offline methods have been described below with all the steps for making changes and amendments in the flight reservation.

Lufthansa change flight online:

This method is the easiest and convenient way of changing flights and reservations with Lufthansa Airlines. Passengers can amend and change their booking online while sitting at their homes, just a few clicks and the process is done. A passenger can book new tickets as well as manage his/her bookings with Lufthansa Airlines through the online method.


1.    Visit the official website of the airlines (https://www.lufthansa.com/) and find the triple lined icon placed beside the “Menu” option.

2.    Find and click on the “book and manage” option.

3.    Now click on the “view & amend flight details” button.

Lufthansa change flight offline:

Passengers can always choose the oldest traditional way of booking flights with an airlines company, Lufthansa airline also provides the facility of offline ticket booking through its booking centre/kiosk located at the nearest airport. A passenger can also book tickets by calling on the Lufthansa flight change phone number +1(844)512-2050.

Lufthansa Same Day Flight Change:

Passengers can enjoy and take benefit from the Lufthansa same day flight change service, they can make changes and amendments in their flight reservation on the original date of flight and these changes should be done before one hour of the originally scheduled flight. A smart passenger will always use this same day flight change service of Lufthansa airlines if he needs to make any changes in his/her flight reservation.

Lufthansa Flight Change Fee:

All of the flight bookings with Lufthansa airlines can be changed as long as the passenger’s purchased fare/ticket conditions allow. With Lufthansa, passengers can make changes up to one hour prior to the departure of the originally scheduled flight.

Can I change the Lufthansa flight within 24 hours?

Yes, as per Lufthansa flight change policy, passengers can alter their Lufthansa flight booking within 24 hours of purchase provided that the said departure must be at least seven days in advance at the time of changes. The 24-hour flight change does not incur any Lufthansa change flight fee but fare difference may apply.

Can I change my Lufthansa flight online?

Yes, passengers can change the flight online by navigating to Lufthansa Airlines’ website. You can manage any individual booking by using your booking code, and you have access to all your flights. Apart from changing the flight itinerary, you can also make changes to your advance seat selection, meals, and also book travel insurance, hotel, and a car rental.

How to change my Lufthansa flight at the airport?

All you need to do is visit your departure and head straight to the Lufthansa change flight counter. Passengers should note that all the Lufthansa change flight requests must be completed up to three hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Can I change my Lufthansa flight for free?

Yes, you can change the Lufthansa flight for free under the following condition –

·         If you purchase a flight booking and the Lufthansa change booking request is escalated within 24 hours of purchase

·         If there is a Lufthansa flight schedule change for more than 3 hours

·         If there is a Lufthansa flight cancelation and the reason is attributed directly with the airline

·         If there is a flight delay for more than three hours

·         If there is a death of a passenger or a family member

Can I call Lufthansa to change my flight?

Lufthansa change ticket date request can be completed over the phone as you can seek assistance from one of our Lufthansa flight executives at Lufthansa Airlines customer care phone number at +1(844)512-2050.


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