Delta Airlines Toll Free Number 1-888-303-0478

November 26, 2021

How Can I Contact Delta Airlines?


Contacting a company like Delta Airlines may seem simple enough, but sometimes that depends on what you need. While many transactions and questions can be handled through a phone call or email, sometimes a traveler needs to contact an airline to collect personal belongings or secure original documents. Unusual circumstances require more than just an 800 number.



Call (800) 589-5582 in the Delta States or your local Delta Airlines national office number if you are abroad. Note that the number for Canada is 1-888-303-0478, and Delta Airlines maintains special 800 numbers in the Delta States for customers who prefer to speak Spanish, an Asian language, or are hearing impaired. Navigate the automated phone menu by entering numbers or answering simple questions verbally until you reach the correct department, either by receiving an automated response or by getting a customer service clerk.


Email Delta Airlines. This is a logical option if you don't need an immediate response to a query and you don't want to wait on the phone. Delta Airlines does not publish email addresses for customer service. Instead, those wishing to contact the company by email should visit the Customer Service section of its website, select the correct subject from a drop-down menu ("Baggage Services", "Mileage Plus") and complete the e corresponding -email form.


Call the local ticket or baggage office at the airport or in your city, if there is one. For most issues, your local Delta Airlines office will refer you to their main call center, but they may be able to gather information on the status of your specific flight, whether your lost bags have turned up, and other closely local issues through From the airport. ticket or baggage sales office. Choosing this route also avoids potentially long waits with the call center.


Visit the airport or city office in person. This may not be as inconvenient as it sounds, as Delta Airlines maintains city offices in many of the major cities it serves. Delta Airlines has an office in downtown Washington, D.C. at 1025 Connecticut Ave. NW, for example, in addition to their offices at the airport. If you can easily walk or drive to such an office, it may be more convenient and faster than any other option.


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