What to Look for When Buying Weight-Loss Supplements?

January 06, 2021

Weight loss supplements are used and searched out by many consumers who wish to achieve weight loss and lead a healthier lifestyle. There is a variety of weight loss supplements on the market, which is why doing research on a product before purchasing it is effective and can save the individual time, money, and most importantly, their health.

What to Look for When Buying Weight-Loss Supplements

What to Look for When Buying Weight-Loss Supplements?


Some specific factors to look for when searching for weight loss supplements are clinical studies that support the product and a money-back guarantee. Money-back guarantees imply that the producers of the product are confident in its effectiveness. Clinical studies that uplift the product is a sign that the product was developed with competence. Another thing to consider is the ingredients of the product. Proteins that are high in quality, fibers, metabolism and energy boosters and ingredients that suppress the appetite are great foundations of weight loss supplements

Ingredients That Boost the Effectiveness of Weight Loss Supplements


Ginger Root (metabolism/energy booster)

Ginger root raises the temperature of the body and boosts the metabolism by 20%. Weight loss supplements containing ginger are worth being considered, however, some energy and metabolism boosters contain ephedra too, an ingredient which will be further explained


Whey Protein(protein)

Whey protein decreases the amount of ghrelin in the blood. Ghrelin is a hormone that regulates how hungry or full a person feels. If there are lower amounts of it in the blood, the individual does not feel as hungry. With the consumption of a supplement containing whey protein, the food intake process can be managed in the consumer’s favor.


Glucomannan Fiber (fiber and appetite suppressant)

Glucomannan comes from the root of the konjac plant. Since it is a fiber, it gives the stomach a feeling of fullness and it also has a low-calorie count. Once it is in the digestive tract, glucomannan absorbs water, which decreases the chance of the body absorbing other things like carbohydrates. This supports weight loss. It is also known for managing blood sugar levels and relieving discomfort from constipation.

Supplements and Ingredients That May Have Negative Side Effects


Laxatives do not rid the body of fat cells and water is the only substance it removes. Losing water weight is dangerous because the body depends on water for many of its functions, as it is between 65% and 75% water. It helps the body to break down food, supports systems like the respiratory system, and is a part of countless chemical processes that happen between cells. Many consumers seek out products that contain natural or herbal laxatives because they believe it is a safer option. Castor oil, aloe, and buckthorn are examples of ingredients that are looked upon as safe agents. But the sense of security consumers feel about these additives is false, because herbal laxatives can cause the same negative side effects as products that don’t contain them. Dieter’s tea is another product that may have negative side effects depending on whether it is overused or if an individual’s body can’t handle the extreme cleansing effect it has. When the body experiences water loss, it can decrease levels of potassium and cause problems with bowel functions, muscles, and the heart.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is used in many weight loss supplements with success, but the fact still remains that if more than 1,000 mg of vitamin c is consumed within one day, it can cause negative effects like diarrhea. At 1,000 mg and below, the vitamin is safe and most supplements will contain the acceptable dosage. But not all products under the sun are developed around precaution, so it is important to check the amount of vitamin c before investing in any weight loss supplement.

Chromium and Ephedra

Chromium and Ephedra are two of the most common weight loss supplements. Chromium is considered a trace mineral and is said to elevate insulin activity, but its ability to spur weight loss is not significant. Chromium has a toxic form that can cause the body to lose iron, causing iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is counteractive to losing weight because it causes fatigue, which decreases the motivation to exercise and participate in healthy activities. Ephedra is different from chromium because it acts an an appetite suppressant. It helps quicken the metabolism as well, which is why it is featured in energy products too. Since Ephedra is an herb, it contains other substances and Ephedrin is one of them. Ephedrin can come naturally or be developed synthetically, and it can cause heart problems and seizures, insomnia, and in worse cases, death. Consumers should weigh other options if they ever consider taking an Ephedra weight loss supplement because, with all of the possible negative side effects looming in the air, Ephedra supplements are known to provide short term results in weight loss. Some individuals may consider this and decide not to use Ephedra because the risks are too high to take when there are herbs that provide more results anyway.


Chitosan comes from shells of sea animals like crabs and shrimp. The body of a human to digest chitosan, which is why it is believed that chitosan binds itself to fat that is found in the intestine and leaves the body with it. When chitosan is consumed along with healthy practices like exercise and eating healthy foods, it is said to be effective. However, the binding process in which it carries out fat from the intestine can cause a vitamin deficiency. It can also cause bloating, constipation, and excessive gas in the intestine. There are weight loss supplements other than chitosan that have the same binding effect and should be researched as well.

Individuals who want to lose weight and become healthier should not make quick purchases based on impulse or on promises of quick fixes. There shouldn’t be an assumption that a particular product is a miracle product if its ingredients aren’t familiar. Those promises should be weighed against research done by the consumer. This ensures a positive outcome and satisfaction for the consumer.

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